Powerful fermented superfood nutrients plus natural probiotics

Organic beets are fermented in a salt brine to maximize the beet’s powerful health benefits. The lacto-fermentation process consumes the beet’s sugar to make kvass, our Beet Burst, which is ideal for low-carb, no-sugar dietary plans including ketogentics. Delicious juices and natural flavors are added to create …Berry Bliss, Ginger Crisp and Lemon Zing (with Apple Cider Vinegar).

Wild fermentation and delicious flavors transform these superfoods
into UltraTonics® with amazing health benefits


“An ideal balance of taste and nutrition, plus the bonus of increased performance for athletic events. Some of my recent best run results have come after using TRUEST UltraTonics®” – Bud, runner

“Had a PR cycling up Joder segment after a week of TRUEST UltraTonics®! This is a three-mile, very difficult, off-road segment that requires physical AND mental toughness. I cycle it several times a month and felt great after recently starting to drink Beet Burst UltraTonic®.” – Kami, cyclist

“I’m in my car and on my computer a lot. Drinking 4oz of Beet Burst UltraTonic® a day has reduced my stiffness. I’m inspired to start jogging again.” – TL