Cleansing your Body & Natural Weight Loss

Spring has finally arrived in Colorado and new growth has begun as temperatures warm. For many, spring is a time to cleanse, not just our homes but our body too! It’s recommended that with the change of each season, we cleanse and detoxify our bodies, which generally means cleansing the liver, since our liver is the main detoxification organ in the body. Everything we consume and breathe in is processed through the liver. As a result, it can grow sluggish and fatigued, so cleansing the liver supports it in breaking down and eliminating the toxins we take in. Bile contains the toxins excreted by the liver and also helps us digest fat. By maintaining a healthy flow of bile, toxins, waste and heavy metals we take in from our food and our environment are more readily removed from our body through waste. You can choose to cleanse the liver seasonally or add naturally detoxifying foods and beverages to your diet as a healthy way to help the liver and kidneys function at their optimal best.

Natural Weight Loss

Betaines found in beets support the liver in ridding the body of toxins. They also help defend the body’s bile ducts which is essential when aiding in healthy digestion. Beets thin the bile in your liver to allow it to flow more freely and keep it moving through the small intestine. Truest UltraTonics, which are chock full of organic beets, can be a powerful aid in your cleansing and weight loss endeavors. These deliciously tangy, fermented tonics are excellent at helping the body detoxify as they play a role in maintaining healthy blood, liver and bile. TRUEST Ultratonics also contribute to a healthy microbial balance in your gut, which helps you feel full, supports a healthy digestive tract lining and contributes to natural abdominal fat distribution. In addition to powerful detoxification benefits, the naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes that result from wild fermentation, aid in a more thorough breakdown of food in the stomach, and greater absorption, which again, helps you to feel full after a meal, rather than deal with unwanted cravings. As a result, natural weight loss is (typically) a healthy byproduct of cleansing our body. And, the healthier your gut, the better your body will function overall since 80% of our immune system is in our gut.