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Sam, Olympic Marathon Qualifier

Hi there, My name is Samantha Calderon. I live and train in Boulder, Colorado with my husband, Julian, and my pup, Chardonnay. I am passionate about running, eating, and being

Digestion and the Keto Diet

by Megan Dodds, NTP, Bedrock Functional Nutrition Despite the many benefits keto goers gain from a low carb-high fat diet, there are precautions to take if you are considering jumping

The Top Benefits of Beet UltraTonics for Athletes

High-performance athletes are no strangers to the power of beets. Beets are loaded with nitrates that convert to nitric oxide which expand blood vessels and help oxygen flow more freely

The Top 6 Health Benefits of Beets

Talk about superfood! Our UltraTonics are jam packed with the amazing nutrients found in beets to help us live our healthiest, happiest lives. Different parts of the body are positively

Cleansing your Body & Natural Weight Loss

Spring has finally arrived in Colorado and new growth has begun as temperatures warm. For many, spring is a time to cleanse, not just our homes but our body too!

Dash & Dine 5k Race

We love collaborating on events in our community. Recently we partnered with Dash & Dine for their 5k race series. Learn more