Self-care is essential for living true

When was the last time you penciled in time dedicated to taking care of yourself? I’m not talking about going to the gym to ‘get in better shape,’ or foregoing the french fries for a side salad. I’m referring to the type of self-care that replenishes your energy stores and makes you feel alive, centered and whole. Take a second to really think about the last time you did something like that for yourself… and once you’ve come to the conclusion that it was probably too long, let’s explore some ways to help you incorporate self-care, whatever it looks like for you, on a more regular basis so that you can have the energy and clarity you deserve!

Self-care is a simple concept that most people associate with spa days and mani pedis, but the truth is self-care looks different for everyone. ‘What’ it is doesn’t matter as long as it replenishes you and aligns with your values. Spending time in nature is a simple way to rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit. Dancing to music that nourishes and inspires you; sharing a good meal with a friend or going to the local animal shelter and making an animal’s day (for a day) will probably make yours too. Taking an occasional day off or putting your phone away for an entire hour (scary, I know) are ways to implement self-care. Saying no to something that draws on your energy reserves, is not only a way to implement self-care, but a self-loving, conscious choice to risk someone else’s approval for your own.

“But I just don’t have time for self-care.” I’ve said this. You’ve probably said this, too. I blame this excuse on the culturally ingrained notion that we always have to be busy, always producing, creating, being better than someone else, climbing the ladder, and so on. While there is certainly value in the external, like your career, my question is: how can you expect to grow externally (in your career, getting your dream body, etc) if you do not reserve energetic resources to grow internally? You will hit a wall – illness, anxiety, exhaustion, that will take you out of your endless pursuit for external betterment.

You have the time for self-care. You just need to make it a priority. Initially, it will be difficult or feel like you’re not being productive, but if you notice that you feel mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually refreshed afterward.. That is some of the best productivity you can achieve. Think of all the things you can accomplish externally now! Start small with self-care, especially if this is new to you. Consider giving TRUEST UltraTonics® a try as part of your self-care routine. Your heart, brain, digestion and energy will benefit and so will your desire to live true. Making small changes in your life for your benefit will eventually snowball into a full-fledged regular practice of self-care that affords you to live your Truest life.