The Top 6 Health Benefits of Beets

Talk about superfood! Our UltraTonics are jam packed with the amazing nutrients found in beets to help us live our healthiest, happiest lives. Different parts of the body are positively affected by beets, and here are our six favorite reasons why TRUEST kvass is a must!

Beets are Heart Healthy

Countless studies show that beet juice is one of the best sources of natural nitrates, which fuel the body with nitric oxide, a compound that turns blood vessels into superhighways for nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. With aerobic exercise, nitric oxide kicks into gear, helping to lower blood pressure and improving overall cardiovascular health.1) This is particularly beneficial for those with existing heart problems. Patients with heart failure – when the heart is weak – have been shown to improve exercise endurance when regularly consuming beet juice.2) Patients are less fatigued and can go about their everyday activities with more ease and less shortness of breath, improving their standard of living.

Beets Help to Boost the Brain

The high natural nitrate content of beets helps to increase blood flow to areas of the brain. One recent study showed that even one glass of beet juice resulted in measurable improvements in participants’ cognitive function.3) As the brain uses about 20% of the body’s energy, increasing blood flow is crucial to maintaining its health.4) In fact, beets have even been shown in various studies to reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.5) Betanin, which is found in beets, can inhibit certain chemical reactions in the brain that are linked to the progression of Alzheimer’s. Talk about the power of the beet!

Beets are Good for Your Liver & Kidney

Our liver and kidneys are the body’s filtration system. They kick out heavy metals, toxins, and waste from our bloodstreams. Thanks to the antioxidants glutathione and betalain, the liver is better supported to eliminate chemicals more effectively, which allows your body to better balance hormones, cholesterol levels, and overall energy. And due to the beet’s potassium-rich makeup, blood pressure is kept down, which helps the kidneys function more efficiently.6)

Beets Improve Your Gut Health

Beets are one of the top sources of antioxidants and containte glutamine, an amino acid, which is vital to the health of the intestinal tract.8) As a bonus, consuming beets through our UltraTonic means not only do you receive all the health-boosting benefits of raw beets, but you get the added bonus of probiotics and enzymes that come with the process of fermentation. The stronger your gut is, the better your body will function overall, as 80% of your immune system is contained in your gut. Happy gut, happy immune system, happy body.

Beets are Being Studied as a Potential Cancer Treatment

While beets aren’t a magic cure for cancer, they are currently being tested for their potential role in treating certain aspects of cancer cell growth. Beets are nutrient-rich and packed with folate and vitamin B, which help to repair DNA.9) Initial studies have even shown that beet extract may reduce tumor growth, and scientists are looking further into potential cancer-slowing benefits.10)

Beets Helps with Weight Loss

In addition to benefiting heart health, the nitric oxide our bodies draw from beet nutrients opens up blood vessels (vasodilation) and allows a higher amount of oxygen to flow through our bodies, allowing us to exercise longer and harder.11) Kvass also contributes to a healthy microbial balance in your gut, which helps you feel full after eating meals, supports a healthy lining in your digestive tract, and contributes to natural abdominal fat distribution.

No matter who you are, regularly incorporating beets into your diet will reap a host of health benefits. Grab your bottle of TRUEST UltraTonics® UltraTonic here and get on the path to a healthier and happier you!

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