The Top Benefits of Beet UltraTonics for Athletes

High-performance athletes are no strangers to the power of beets. Beets are loaded with nitrates that convert to nitric oxide which expand blood vessels and help oxygen flow more freely throughout the body. Regardless of your sport of choice, a diet containing natural nitrates is extraordinarily useful to help you achieve those personal bests and become a stronger, faster athlete. Read on to see how beets are beneficial to your favorite sport.


Given the wide range of physical demands and movement in various climbing environments, climbers need to be at the peak of their game, which leaves no room for muscle cramps. Beets help reduce cramping due to their effectiveness at helping the body increase its oxygen intake, meaning you can climb to your heart’s content. Bouldering is easier with oxygen-boosted muscles, sport climbers can move more effortlessly, and alpinists have that much more energy at high altitudes.1)


Beets have been shown to improve cycling performance due to their nitrates, which increase oxygen intake by up to 19%. In a recent study, cyclists who drank half a liter of beet juice before a time trial rode up to 3% faster and were measured to have more power in each pedal stroke.2) With Beet UltraTonics® incorporated into cyclists’ diets, personal bests are easier to achieve than ever.


For those of us who love to hit the gym, beets are an essential part of any workout routine as they have been shown to reduce muscle pain after exercise due to their anti-inflammatory properties.3) Recovery time is shorter, meaning you can jump back into the gym ASAP. In one recent study, only three days of regular beet consumption enhanced post-workout recovery.4)


Consuming beets before a run has been shown to increase a runner’s speed and endurance. One recent study showed that the nitrates in beets help the muscles to not only increase oxygen intake, but to use it more efficiently as well.5) The study participants that drank beet juice were able to run faster and for a longer period of time than those who did not consume beets.


Much like running, beet juice helps to increase blood flow in muscles during exercise, allowing swimmers to use oxygen more efficiently when competing. Not only that, but studies show that consuming beet helps swimmers to hold their breath longer, meaning they can swim longer between each breath, increasing their overall time.6)


The nutrients found in beet help to reduce inflammation. Fueling your body with the betaine found in beets means that the side effects of inflammation, like stiff joints or tender muscles, are kept at bay.7) You don’t have to worry about staying flexible for your next yoga class, and can flow into downward dog with ease!

Whatever your sport of choice may be, regularly incorporating beets into your diet will reap a host of health benefits. Grab your bottle of TRUEST UltraTonics® UltraTonic here and get on the path to a healthier and happier you!

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